commercial landscape service providers

There are many things you need to take care of in your multi-family community. Lawn maintenance should not be your primary task. There are several commercial landscape service providers offering commercial lawn service in DFW area. We are one of them and can help ensure that your lawn looks beautiful, pristine, and in lush health at all times so as to keep your existing tenants happy and appeal to new ones.

This is what commercial landscape professionals do:

Take Care of the Grass

Grass is perhaps the most important aspect of any landscape. Well maintained and watered grass needs to be mown every week in the DFW area for a clean look. Don’t think you can slack off by not watering the lawn. That would cause the grass to go dormant and show ugly brown patches. The best way to show you care about the apartment complex is to keep a manicured lawn.

We ensure that the grass is mown and kept neat looking at each of our client properties. Commercial landscapers are pros at lawn mowing. They have special equipment that cuts the work short and leaves a neater lawn.

Control Weed Population

Your lawn speaks volumes about you as a property owner. Potential tenants may take one look at a weed-infested lawn and know right away that the owner doesn’t care. They may take their business elsewhere. This is why you need a commercial landscape service provider to control weed population. Weeds are ugly and out of place. They have no business growing among your flower beds or grass.

Regular and Timely Fertilization

When you have a professional taking care of your lawn, you don’t have to worry about things like weeding or fertilization routine. The service provider will apprise you of all necessary things to do and make sure that everything is done on time and according to the terms of service. Fertilization is important to a beautiful and well-maintained lawn.

It is also more than just grabbing the first bag you come across and sprinkling it on your plants. Fertilization is a science and should be carried out by professionals. You could end up killing your grass and damaging trees if you go wrong with fertilization.

Other Job Responsibilities

There are many other benefits of hiring commercial landscapers to take of your property. For instance, you don’t need to be worried about leaf removal during fall season. It may be the season of color, but it is also the season of dead and decaying plant matter in the DFW area. Commercial landscapers are also tree care experts and will ensure that your trees are getting everything they need for lush growth. Sprinkler systems are another area where commercial landscapers can be useful.