One thing’s for sure, a great lawn and landscape increases your properties value, and that’s where fertilizing services, or chemical applications come in the picture. A healthy, beautiful weed-free lawn makes it easier to sell or simply to enjoy.

Your home or business is a key investment. Protecting that investment only makes perfect sense! Here at Landscape Professionals of Texas, we can help grow your green-investment with a full season of protection and care.

We provide fertilizing services in Dallas as part of our “Add-On” services, which means that if we are designing your landscape or maintaining it already we can provide you with fertilizing services to improve and protect your lawn.

Our team is made up of the industry’s most skillful lawn care experts with over 24 years of experience fertilizing lawns across the DFW Metroplex and surrounding areas. We service DallasIrving, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen, Richardson, Coppell, and Addison.

Our staff includes arborists who are certified in the latest tree care knowledge and techniques to provide you with the most up-to-date services for your lawn. This expertise allows us make the most educated decisions and give you the most beautiful lawn on the block.

Our team can create a plan for the unique conditions of your home or business, making sure we use the correct amount and type of fertilizer at the best time of the year.

Flowers, shrubs, lawns and trees need the right balance of nutrients and minerals to grow taller and for longer. When the soil is deficient in one or more nutrients, a plant will be susceptible to many diseases and other problems. Don’t let this happen to your beautiful landscape. Seek preventative care for your landscape with our expert fertilizing services.

Our fertilizing services involve testing your soil for deficiencies and replenishing its nutrients to liven up your existing landscape and give your lawn or plants a boost of vibrancy.

We offer fertilizers with slow release, which means that your lawn or plants will get the nutrients they need over time. In particular, this provides a small but steady supply of nutrients, such as nitrogen, the all-important nutrient that is responsible for green growth, which reduces the chance of disease and fungus growth.

If you’re looking for fertilizing services in Dallas, TX and are already taking advantage of one of our many lawn care services, whether give us a call today at (214) 361-7992.