Summers can be a harsh season on all aspects of the landscape, especially the lawn. Even a few sweltering days can leave your lawn with an unfortunate and serious case of sunburn. As a leading provider of landscape maintenance services, we have come up with these handy summer lawn care tips to help you keep the lawn looking fresh and inviting as ever for your tenants and residents.

Tip 1: Mow High

You need to adjust the mower blade to prevent a close shave. Instead, you should aim for mowing higher during the summer months. Taller grass blades grow deeper roots. This allows them to reach underground water table easily. It also means that you don’t need to water your grass as often.

Surprisingly, fuller and stronger grass does a better job of preventing weeds from invading the yard. You don’t need your landscaping team toiling in the summer heat. With that said, if you are keeping the grass longer, then you need to mow more frequently. You cannot allow the lawn to take on an unkempt appearance.

Tip 2: Leave the Clippings

You don’t need to put on the catch bag. Instead, leave the clippings on the lawn. Cut grass clippings act as food for the growing grass. Don’t dump out the mower’s bag. Stemming from this, you need to strike a balance. You cannot allow the dead grass clippings to get too high. They should not create shade or cause rot on the lawn. Make sure the tall blades are not too tall. Ticks love taller blades.

Tip 3: Attack the Weeds

It is ironic that even when the lawn and plant beds are drying up, weeds continue to thrive. We have come to the conclusion that weeds are not something you can leave up to good fortune. You need to tackle them as soon as they sprout. The first step is to identify the type of weeds you have.

This will help you in choosing the best attack strategy for killing these offending plants. You can choose between weed killers, different fertilizers, and other products to take care of the dastardly weeds.

Tip 4: Keep it Watered

Lawns get really thirsty during the summer months. You need to give them a good drenching every few days. Let the water seep in at least 4 – 6 inches into the ground. It is recommended that you water the lawn early in the morning to prevent the heat from evaporating your efforts. At Landscape Professionals, we always recommend setting up sprinklers that go off in the wee hours of the morning. This will save you a lot of work.

In the end, you can either take care of these steps on your own or you can leave it up to the professionals. After all, we have been taking care of lawns in Dallas area for 20+ years. Call us today for a free quote: 214-361-7992.