Summer is a challenging and difficult time for maintaining a lawn or landscaping in Texas. This is one time of the year where we are called upon constantly as a leading commercial landscaping services provider. Moreover, just because it’s the dry season, doesn’t mean you need to accept your lawn going dry. These are a few helpful summer landscaping tips to keep your garden looking presentable at all times whether you are a business or a multi-family community.

Identify What Your Plants Need

We are of a strong opinion that if you give a plant what it needs, it will grow, regardless of the weather conditions. So, you need to figure out the type of growing conditions your plants like. Do your plants like shade or bright sun? Are they planted in the kind of soil they would thrive in? Are they as per the hardiness zone of your area? You can make sure your plants thrive if you know the answers to these questions.

Know the Height of Your Plants

It’s a good rule of thumb to determine the height to which a plant can grow before you plant it. This will enable you to place them in an appropriate spot in your garden. Make sure you don’t plant trees too close to any building or shrubs near the fence.

Perennials vs. Annuals

Perennials flower more than once a year and keep growing year after year. They are more established and practically take care of themselves. Annuals are absolutely gorgeous but require a lot of work. Pertaining to this, they do add magnificent variety and color in your garden. At Landscape Professionals, we like striking a balance for our clients.

Protect Any Budding Plants

You are in bad luck if you have young trees or plants budding in the summer. These plants are vulnerable to drying out. Furthermore, you can take proper measures to protect and care for your plants. For instance, you can water and mulch them at least twice a week to avoid any wilting. Mulching will make your landscape remain green and vibrant throughout the summer and into fall.

Water Early Morning

You should consider getting a timed sprinkler system if you have a nice grassy lawn. All plants should be watered right when the sun is coming up. This will give the roots enough time to absorb the water. It also provides ample time to the ground to soak up the water and dry out. This prevents fungi and mildew formation.

Plant Hardy Flowers in the Summer

There are certain drought-tolerant flowering plants that are perfect for North Texas climate. Zinnias, Roses, Lantanas, Blackfoot Daisy, and Bluebonnets are great for planting during the summer in our experience. This will give your landscape a much-needed color during the harsh summer months.