You need your sprinkler systems working if you want a green landscape. We have been called so many times when green and lush landscapes turned brown and dry. On inspection, 9 out of 10 times, we always found the sprinklers to be faulty. This is why we offer sprinkler repair Frisco as part of our commercial landscaping services.

Depending on the season and need, you can alter sprinklers to do what you want. In relation to this, you need to ensure that they are in sound condition. These are a few tips to maintain the sprinklers in your lawn.

Clean the Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads can quickly become clogged with ground residue and dirt, which can impact the distribution of water. You may end up with patches that are browner and drier than others. Make sure the sprinkler heads are clean and clear. Annual cleaning is a salient way of ensuring continuous and proper flow of water.

Repair Leaky Sprinklers

Small leaks can quickly result in greater problems. Your garden and lawn may receive too much water if there is a leak. This means that water is not reaching somewhere else in the yard. In addition, your water bill may skyrocket because of the unnecessary and unneeded use. Keep an eye on the water flow to ensure the water pressure is consistent. Take action whenever you notice there is a leak.

Check All Valves

Sprinkler leaks are often the result of faulty valves. Water is directed from the main source by these plastic parts through the valve assembly or manifold. Irregular water pressure will indicate signs of a valve problem. You should have valves in individual sprinkler heads as well as the central valve assembly checked. The central assembly is generally located underground or above ground, close to the building.

Repair All Faulty Pipes

Efficient and effective water flow is only possible when the pipes are in sound condition. Pipe damage can occur because of accidental bursts of water pressure, general wear and tear, or a confrontation with a shovel or garden spade. You would want to take care of these repair issues quickly. You can identify pipe damage by looking for inconsistencies in water distribution around the lawn.

Check the Voltage

We cannot stress the importance of taking a voltage reading by using a multimeter. Test the voltage of your sprinkler system. This will give you a fair idea about the sprinkler’s electrical parts – solenoid, controller, transformer, and wiring. While checking the voltage, you may want to pay attention to the transformers and connectors.

You need a working transformer if you want to power the sprinkler timer. You may want to use a quality multimeter to test this electrical part. At the same time, you want to ensure the connectors are waterproof. Don’t delay in calling professionals for sprinkler repair Frisco if you notice something wrong.