Regardless of the type of commercial property you own, it goes without saying that the market is highly competitive. Since your landscape is the first thing people notice, you need to make sure it is above average to create a good impression.

Any good commercial landscaping company in Dallas will let you know that the holiday season is when most landscapes get neglected. However, with proper landscape maintenance services you could make your creative landscape the hot topic of your area.

This quick guide will walk you through the things you need to keep in mind.

The signage needs to be eye catching

Whether you own a homeowners association, commercial office building, multi-family community, retail center or shopping mall, you need to make sure that the sign is not surrounded by lifeless, dull, or worse – dead plants.

Such neglect speaks volumes about your establishment and can make people extremely uneasy. Greenery and colorful flowers offer a welcoming feel.

It is worth it to go the extra mile where a lush green and beautiful landscape or garden is concerned. Winters are especially a drab season and people tend to feel low once the holidays are over. Healthy and beautiful plants in vibrant colors are sure to make heads turn.

Bonus tip: Add a bright perennial of any pop color to draw the attention of passersby.

Use the landscape as a marketing tool

Most people discredit unassuming trees when drawing up marketing strategies. The truth is, regardless of how beautifully you decorate your offices, there just wouldn’t be the same level of confidence from your visitors if the landscape is unkempt.

Large stately trees, colorful annuals, benches for seating, and a pond or fountain can create the perfect atmosphere. This is where your visitors can feel good about the place and help your business acquire conversions. Pergolas and trees are also helpful as shaded spots to get quick relief from the sun.

Don’t forget to prune

When you let your landscape grow into wilderness, it adds a safety concern to your property. Large roots encroaching walkways can quickly turn into a liability. So can overgrown trees and bushes. You need to ensure that your landscape maintenance service takes care of any low hanging tree branches and removes pathway encroachments.

You need to understand that customers today have an abundance of choice of where they shop, dine, and live. Your business needs to be truly exceptional if you want to stand out from the rest. And, believe it or not studies prove that visitors tend to flock to businesses that are visually appealing.

Your business gets better when you have a better-looking landscape. By investing in the right commercial landscaping company in Dallas you can have your landscape and business trending in 2020.