Landscaping is an integral part of a business’s overall presentation. A beautifully landscaped property can help accentuate your business’ professionalism and ultimately lead to increased sales.

Moreover, properly maintained landscaping can reflect well on your business’s reliability. Commercial Lawn Services Dallas will be able to help you transform your business’ exterior into an attractive, welcoming space that will draw in new customers. You’ll receive the following services from a professional:

Grass Seeding & Sodding

Grass seeding involves scattering seeds over the ground, which grow based on natural conditions, including temperature and moisture levels. Sodding is one of the most popular ways to add turf to a new or existing lawn, requiring that the grass be laid over the area as sod and allowed time to root in before being mowed.

In an initial consultation, a professional will determine your yard’s needs based on soil, climate, and other factors. Then, after considering any special requests or concerns, they’ll decide on a type of grass that best fits your needs.

Next, they’ll begin the installation process, which involves cutting out old grass, infusing new seeds or laying down fresh sod. Once it’s established, they’ll monitor and maintain it until it’s ready for full-time care.


Fertilization is one of the most important parts of lawn care, and it has to be done correctly. This is because a lawn’s health depends on how much of the nutrients and minerals that it needs are in the soil. Water washes some of these nutrients when it rains, so they must be replaced to keep your grass healthy.

Fertilization helps to restore the nutrients and minerals needed to keep your turf healthy and to look its best. Annual fertilization by professionals will help your grass grow thicker and greener, enabling it to resist extreme temperature fluctuations and protect its root system from damage caused by soil compaction.

Weed Control

Weed control is a necessary component of any landscape. Without it, existing plants can be overtaken by weeds, which can be challenging to eliminate. Weeds also serve as a haven for pests and diseases, which can wreak havoc on your lawn or trees.

Professionals may use different methods, from the quick fix of spraying the weeds directly with herbicides to more labor-intensive techniques like physically pulling out or mowing down the weeds. They also tell you which methods are most cost-effective for your needs—some may save you money on chemicals by using simple techniques like trimmed grass borders around your property.


Mowing involves cutting the grass to a suitable length, typically between two and four inches. Professionals know how to maintain their equipment in suitable condition, which means they’re less likely to have an accident while operating the mower on your property.

They’ll also know exactly how to manage the height of the grass and any other aspects of lawn care that need attention. Regular mowing by Commercial Lawn Services Dallas means you’ll spend less time on lawn care and fewer trips in your lawnmower.