fertilizing services dallas

Fertilization not only keeps your grass active and lively, it is also a poignant way to keep your lawn flourishingly green. This is especially true during the more stressful seasons like the summer and the fall. Fertilizing lawns on your commercial property is not too difficult a task if you engage professional fertilizing services in Dallas for the job.

No matter what the scale of your business is, a magnificent looking lawn and an appealing landscape in your commercial establishment are the reflections of a welcoming and stunning work environment. At Landscape Professionals of Texas, we take up landscaping and other tree care services for commercial yards or multi-family communities.

We can help ensure that you have a healthy and resplendent weed-free lawn, with our add-on fertilizing services. You can avail of our fertilizing services to protect and improve your lawn if you are already using our landscape maintenance, tree care, or fertilizing services in Dallas. While our arborists can create a customized plan that will ensure we use the correct type and amount of fertilizer at the right time of the year, read on to gain the knowledge of what is and is not the right time to fertilize a lawn.

When to Fertilize

The absolute best time of the year to fertilize is late in the spring. During this particular time, any addition of the fertilizer will give your grass an extra boost as it is about to enter the most active phase of its growth.

This will give your plants, trees, and grass, a chance to grow in a healthy manner, with stronger leaves as well as an extensive and deep root system. Fertilizing in late spring prepares your lawn for the heat and traffic of the summer. Another round of fertilizing again in the summer or early fall will keep them growing in these later months.

When Not to Fertilize

Early Spring

The grass is not ready to grow yet, so, instead, weeds and other invasive plants end up snatching the fertilizer meant for your lawn.

Late Autumn

This is the time of the year when your grass is trying to slow down its growth activities, and any fertilization will force it to keep growing instead of preparing for winter dormancy. If your lawn is unprepared for the winter, it can lead to severe harm and injury, risking the health of your grass when winter rears its cold head.

Winter Fertilization

Does not make any sense at all as your grass is in hibernating at this time of the year, and you will just end up feeding cool-season weeds.

Lawns require the right blend of nutrients and minerals to grow in a healthy manner. Soil deficiency in one or more nutrients can make your lawn prone to diseases. If you do not want this to happen, seek preven