Commercial landscape maintenance in Dallas is the best investment a business owner can make. Winter may mean lower temperatures, slow-growing grass, and falling leaves all over the yard, but that doesn’t mean that commercial property maintenance should come to a stop during the winter months. Landscape maintenance services such as routine landscape maintenance and tree care are important to ensure the optimum health and preparation for upcoming future growth.

Unfortunately, some commercial property owners choose to skip commercial landscape and tree maintenance at the expense of their property health and overall business appearance.

So what are the biggest benefits of investing in commercial landscaping maintenance in Dallas?

  1. It helps prepare the yard for spring growth

One of the biggest advantages of proactive commercial landscape maintenance during the winter months is that it provides excellent landscape and tree preparation for the upcoming spring and summer months. Tree pruning during the winter gives trees ample time to recover and store energy in time for spring growth. In addition, fertilized lawns and landscape gardens that are well maintained during the winter months are much stronger and healthier during the spring months, which in turn increase the properties value and beauty.

  1. Easier to prune and plant

Dallas commercial business owners can make dramatic changes and improvements to the health, beauty, and value of their commercial properties by adding trees and plants during the winter months.

Winters dormant growing season allows newly planted trees and flowers to recover and establish roots over a longer period of time. In addition, it is easier to correctly prune trees on commercial properties when many of their leaves have fallen, revealing hidden breaks and damage that can be corrected.

  1. Eliminates weed growth – disease and dangerous insects

Although weeds, tree disease, and dangerous insects are not as rampant during the winter months, they can still cause damage and diminish properties health in the cooler months.

For the sake of both immediate and long-term property health, it’s crucial to have tree diseases, insects, and noxious weeds treated or removed right away to ensure healthy growth in the future. By not treating and/or removing these during the dormant winter months, they can ravage lawns, gardens, and trees, leading to high replacement and removal costs down the road.

  1. Adds beautiful colors to the property

Commercial landscapes can look dreary and bland during the winter due to the loss of color from falling leaves as well as annuals and perennials. By adding seasonal colors and evergreen plants, commercial sites can look healthy, more appealing and inviting not only for employees but also for customers. These additions will ensure that the commercial property looks stunning all year round.

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