spring lawn maintenance checklist, spring lawn maintenace

Spring is already here with clear skies, warmer temperatures, and sunshine. So, you need to get started on your commercial lawn service if you haven’t already. As leading commercial lawn contractors, we are often asked the kind of services we provide as part of our spring maintenance. Spring landscape maintenance plays an integral role in preparing any commercial property for a colorful and healthy season.

These are a few things you should make sure your landscape contractor gets done:

Assessing the Property

Did you know that Dallas doesn’t receive more than an inch of snow in a year as opposed to the average 28 inches received by the rest of the United States? Winters in this part of the country may not be much, but there are instances when temperatures drop to rare single digits, not to mention the April ice storm we had. This is not good for your lawn or your landscape. That’s why it’s important to thoroughly assess your property before taking any further steps.

Cleaning Up

The spring cleaning regime of most property owners involves a bit of lawn work. However, the kind of clean up you may get done is not enough. All leaves don’t necessarily fall during the fall season and winter winds may cause the remaining leaves to litter the landscape. The occasional storms may cause twigs and branches to break away and litter the landscape. Cleaning up is fundamental before any lawn care or mowing takes place. This step will also involve preparing the beds for seasonal flowers and fresh mulch. The only way your lawn can breathe is if it receives proper nutrients.

Tending to Landscape Beds

Mulch, during the winter season, breaks down into soil. You need to keep in mind that mulch may have already have lost most of its color. However, mulch is highly beneficial for the landscape because it suppresses weed growth, retains moisture, prevents soil temperature fluctuations, and adds aesthetic appeal. Mulch provides flower beds with a clean look that accents flowers.

Preventing Weeds

It’s important to take preventative measures if you want to avoid having unsightly weeds from popping up. Herbicide application can help with this process. Germination of stubborn weeds can be prevented with chemical application. You will find it harder to get rid of weeds if you wait until summer to get rid of them.

Tuning Up the Irrigation System

Spring is the perfect tune-up time if your commercial property has an irrigation system. Your landscape maintenance contractor will check the valves and controller, assess the irrigation system for damage, and remove obstructions like debris and dirt from the sprinkler heads. The contractor will also test the pressure of water.