what can damage your lawn, lawn damage

You need to have the best lawn care to have the best lawn DFW area. We are often asked, as leading commercial landscape contractors, about the various things that may damage a lawn. Whether you take care of your landscape with an in-house crew or have outsourced it to commercial landscaping services, understanding the things that can damage your lawn is key.

Injury to Grass

Physical injury to grass is one of the main reasons behind lawn damage. This can happen in a variety of ways, especially if you own a multi-family community. Dog urine, chemical spills, heavy foot traffic, reactions from fertilizer, or weed killer can all invariably harm grass plants to a point where it dies to reveal bald spots.

Compacted soil can result in root injury as well. Another common reason for grass damage is cutting the grass too short or mowing too often with a dull lawn mower. You should take effective steps to protect your grass if you want to have a lush and vibrant landscape throughout the year.

Lawn Stress

High stress conditions, such as too much or little water, extreme heat or cold, excess or deficient fertilizer and excess weed killer among other things can damage your lawn. While you cannot do much about the weather there are several stressful conditions you can protect your lawn from. For instance, you can always have your landscape contractors monitor rainfall and supplemental watering.

Overfertilizing is never helpful. Extra nutrient consumption will only give rise to weeds and other unwanted plants. Underfeeding is not the right way to go either. Make sure you take care to use the lawn mower only when your grass really needs it and not by the calendar.

Nutrient Deficiency

Iron, nitrogen, and calcium occur naturally in the soil and are required by your plants in various quantities. In fact, certain grass species require more nitrogen compared to iron. So, you need to make sure your plants get what they need. Plants, shrubs, and grass will turn yellow and die off if they do not receive proper nutrition. Soil analysis can be a stellar point of reference to determine what nutrients need to be added.

Insect and Disease Infestations

Variety of plant diseases can ruin your landscaping efforts. There are also several types of insects and pests that are known for damaging lawns, plants, trees, shrubs, and other flora. You already have a problem if you notice black, yellow, brown, or red spots and rings. Not to mention moles, chinch bugs, grubs, mites, and crickets among others can pose a problem as well by chewing on roots and causing damage. So don’t hesitate to call us today, we can help: 214-361-7992.