spring lawn maintenance

The temperature is finally on the rise and the days are slowly getting longer. It is that time of the year again when we start working on spring lawn maintenance in Dallas, TX. Spring is the most active time in any garden and it’s pivotal that you get your lawn the attention it deserves.

However, it can be difficult to maintain your lawn on your own especially if you are the owner of a multi-family community. Fortunately, there are several professionals offering lawn maintenance in Dallas, TX.

You can make use of lawn experts or take care of maintenance tasks on your own. Here’s what you need to do.

Know What You Have

The grass always looks greener on another’s lawn. You should always start your spring maintenance with an honest evaluation of what you already have. You can get a better understanding of what you have by calling experts to identify the type of grass. In our experience the most common grasses growing in DFW area are Bermuda, St. Augustine, and Zosia (to a lesser degree). We always start by identifying the grass on a property since that dictates the kind of care and product it needs.

Fertilize at the Right Time

In general, you should fertilize your lawn at least twice a year. It should be done during spring and fall. However, the timing of fertilizer application during spring is very important to a healthy, lush, and green lawn. You should never splurge for fertilizer until the grass actively starts growing again. We recommend waiting till at least half the lawn is green again before applying fertilizer.

The fertilizer will just go to waste if you put it before the grass starts to actually grow actively. However, when it comes to the fall season, you need to be the early bird. We try to get the fertilizer in by early or mid-September. This way the grass doesn’t have enough time to grow and become susceptible to injury during the cold season.

Get Weeds Under Control

The only way to have healthy grass is to control the weed problem on your lawn. You can make use of pre-emergent herbicides which directly target weed seeds. Most weeds in DFW lawns are annuals. This means they grow once, produce seeds, and then die. You can control your weed problem by effectively stopping the seeds from sprouting.

Protect From Bugs

Grub worms can wreak havoc on your lawn if you are not careful. These worms lie under the surface until they emerge as a beetle. They are fast acting and can polish off entire patches on your lawn in a matter of days. Don’t confuse the patches with brown patch disease.