Summer is a great time to start planning your landscape, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. If you have a small yard, don’t let it stop you from creating the garden of your dreams! Some wonderful landscaping ideas can help transform your small space into an oasis.

At Landscape Professionals, we have extensive experience in providing creative solutions to our commercial customers for all their design needs. We have serve multi-family communities, homeowners associations, schools, churches, retirement centers and more. If you want to enhance privacy, add more color or simply change the overall look the space, we have the expertise and experience to provide summer landscape maintenance services that fit your needs.

Add Some Color

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors when planning your summer garden design. You don’t have to stick with the traditional green grasses and shrubs for your landscaping ideas.

Instead, try adding some colorful flowers like roses or daisies, or even some colorful vegetables like carrots and radishes in raised beds for an easy way to liven up your space without spending too much money. With the help of our licensed and skilled team, you can create a backyard that is uniquely yours and will bring joy to you and your family for years to come.

Use Water Features

A water feature can be a great way to add interest to your landscape design and add value to your property. If you have a small yard, use a water feature at one end of the yard or along one side of the house. A fountain or pond can be used as an accent piece for any landscaping design, whether it’s traditional or contemporary in style. If you want more flair, try adding LED lights or color-changing bulbs to make it stand out at night.

Use Raised Beds

If you don’t have much space, consider using raised beds elevated off the ground instead of planting directly in the soil. Raised beds are awesome because they allow you to grow more plants in less space, so you’ll have more flowers blooming in no time! As a bonus, raised beds also make it easier to control weeds since they’re not growing directly in the soil where they can easily spread outwards.

Create an Outdoor Room

Use an attractive deck or patio as an extension of your indoor living space. A deck or patio provides a place to entertain friends and family while enjoying the outdoors; it also adds value to your home by making it more attractive to buyers. A well-designed deck or patio can be used year-round for entertaining guests or simply relaxing with friends or family members on a warm summer evening.

At Landscape Professionals, we can help you make your commercial landscape more beautiful and functional.