landscape maintenance

As a commercial property owner, you obviously want to cut corners wherever you can. Lawn maintenance is an area where most multi-family community owners and businesses think they can save a few bucks. However, cutting landscaping services may just end up costing you more in the long run. This is how commercial lawn maintenance in Dallas, TX works.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Your trees have been there forever and they look just fine. Why would you want to spend money on having them trimmed by a professional? You may think about skipping the whole deal and saving a few bucks even when your landscaping company suggests otherwise. However, you could end up spending way more if a dying or weak branch topples to the ground and causes injury to person or property.

Lawn Mowing

You may think your lawn doesn’t need mowing every week. A little overgrown grass never hurt anyone. You could just let it sit idle for two or three weeks before calling in the mowers. The thing about mowing grass is that you should never cut off more than one-third of the grass blade length at a single mowing. Anything more and the grass may become too long. You won’t get a clean cut in this case. Mower blades will have resistance, which may just rip the grass from roots. You would end up facing significant costs in repairing the damaged lawn.

Dormant Pruning

Dormant pruning doesn’t make sense, right? But, it actually does. Your commercial lawn maintenance crew doesn’t need to prune that hard for at least a few years after dormant pruning. However, when plants get too tall, it may take the crew a longer time to prune the grass. This means you would end up paying more in maintenance costs.

Drainage Issues

It’s Texas, right? The sun will take care of any standing water. Skip drainage problems at your own risk. You may end up paying for drainage as well as sidewalk repair. Water drainage can be a sneaky issue. Problems may get out of control before you have a chance to fix them. Excess water is known to cause significant issues to commercial properties. It can damage the foundation of a building, crack sidewalks, or erode driveways completely. You should have your drainage issues fixed before they end up escalating.

Weed Control

Weeds are an eyesore. You should think about having them removed before they can spread. Potential tenants, residents, customers, and clients look at overgrown lawns and weed infestation as a sign that you don’t care as much as you should. Weeds tend to make a place look neglected and messy. This does not speak volumes about how you carry out your business.

In the end, cutting landscaping services might turn out costing you more in the long run. Call us today for a free estimate of commercial lawn maintenance in Dallas, TX: 214-361-7992.