Most multifamily property owners ignore the importance of the exterior in their effort to make the interiors more presentable and livable. However, the first thing a potential tenant would see is the landscape. The exterior of your property plays a critical role in attracting people. This is why most multi-family communities invest in commercial landscaping Dallas. These Dallas landscaping tips are the cumulative effort of years of experience and a genuine flair for landscaping creativity.

Never Forget the Exterior
Most multifamily unit tenants or buyers prefer soothing exteriors. They want a unique and innovative place to relax after a long, stressful day. By investing in the right landscapers you can effectively increase the market value of your property while improving its aesthetic appearance.

Create a Beautiful Garden
The best way to improve the landscape of a rental property is to invest in ornamentals and edibles. You can easily make your multifamily property stand out from the crowd by planting decorative plants, like Swiss Chards with colorful stems. This goes a long way in enhancing the external beauty of a property. It can be difficult to create a garden on your own. You may need to hire commercial landscapers to get the job done.

Mulch the Plant Beds
If your garden looks drab or your plants are not blooming, you may need to give them a good mulching. This is an excellent way to insulate and enrich the soil of your garden and plant beds. Mulching is best done with decayed leaves, bark, compost, and other organic materials. This will also help in curtailing weed growth in your garden.

You get to make your lawn tidier without having to pay anything extra for maintenance. Mulching can be easy if you already have trees on your property. Don’t throw away those leaves. Instead, get the landscapers to bag and tie them when they come for annual maintenance. You can just hire a few local boys to spread the leaves.

You may want to work with professionals if the soil has never been enriched and your garden is looking particularly grey or brown instead of vibrant green.

Use Recycled Materials to Create Sidewalks
You can make the exterior of your property really attractive by creating interesting sidewalks around plants. It helps in improving the drainage system and also enhances the aesthetic value of the property. You can use various recycled materials, like asphalt shingles to create a nice sidewalk.

However, the best material to use is concrete if you are looking to make permanent pavers. You would need a reputable landscape contractor to get the job done in a cost efficient manner. External renovation is something you cannot escape if you want to increase the value of your property.