Lawns are expensive to maintain, and fertilizing is an integral part of that process. It’s not just about greening your lawn; it’s about keeping it healthy and disease-free. At Landscape Professionals, we provide fertilizing services in Dallas to ensure that you have the most beautiful and healthy property possible. Our team of expert technicians will analyze your current landscape, determine the best fertilization schedule, and provide you with all the information you need to maintain healthy, lush grass.

Why Is Fertilizing Your Lawn Essential?

A healthy lawn requires the right amount of water, fertilizer, and other nutrients. When you fertilize the yard, you give it nutrients that it needs to grow properly.

Fertilizers come in two different forms: organic and synthetic. Organic fertilizers contain natural ingredients like manure, compost or plant extracts broken down by soil bacteria before plants can absorb them. Synthetic fertilizers are made from chemicals that are added directly to the soil or mixed with water for application as a spray on plants. Here’s why fertilizing your commercial property is essential:

  • Fertilizing your commercial property helps keep it looking its best, which can help you attract customers and employees alike. When meeting prospective clients, you want to put your best foot forward, and a well-maintained lawn can help.
  • It also helps keep your lawn green year-round, even during winter months when grass typically fades or turns brown.
  • It makes your lawn more resistant to insects, weeds, and other pests that can take over if not treated properly with pesticides or herbicides. In addition, it provides a boost of nutrients for growing plants when applied during their growing stage of development.
  • It helps prevent soil erosion by holding moisture in the soil longer. This prevents runoff when heavy rains or watering your lawn.

How Can Landscape Professionals Help?

Whether you have a commercial property with a big lawn or a small office with a backyard, we can help you maintain it so that it’s always the best-looking and most welcoming place on your block. At Landscape Professionals, we offer a full range of commercial landscaping services to ensure that your property is well-groomed, from mowing to fertilizing to keeping those weeds under control.

What sets us apart from our competitors is the level of customer service we provide and the value that we bring for each customer. We’ll spice up your lawn with high-quality fertilizing services in Dallas, so you can be sure that it’s getting only the best nutrients. And just as importantly, we’ll make sure that your fertilization is appropriate to the season because timing is everything when it comes to making those seeds grow.

You have enough things on your plate without worrying about whether or not your lawn is being properly cared for. Let us handle all of the hard work so you can spend more time working for your business.