You have invested time and money in making sure the area surrounding your Dallas business is attractive and promotes your property as an extension of who you are. It is important to continue the process after your initial investment by using a commercial lawn maintenance services. Whether it is a retail store, office building, a school or hospital, a hotel or grocery store or other public areas, the importance of commercial landscape services in Dallas from the professionals at Landscape Professionals of Texas offers long-term advantages for your property and your business identity.

Some of the benefits include:

Seasonal Changes – Not every plant changes color with the changing seasons. We can provide you with perineal plants that have seasonal colors every year. Green leaves to fall colors, at just the right time. Seasonal plantings throughout the year can make your properties stay in tune with the changing colors. This can include plants and flowers for spring, then others for fall and still more that make you think about the coming holiday season.

Perception Advertising – A beautiful landscape creates a good impression to passersby. Manicured grass, flowers, green leaves and carefully placed shrubs give a feeling of professionalism. It makes it seem that whatever services or merchandise the business offers must be of good quality. You care about your space; you must care about your customers.

Property Value – The appearance of the grounds for a commercial business can add or take away from the surrounding community. An overgrown lawn with weeds, branches, leaves littering the grass, unsightly cracks in the pavement, and dead turf can make any property unattractive. It sends the message that the services or properties are not that important and other maintenance items may be being ignored. Having commercial landscape maintenance service can prevent depreciation and increase your ability to be competitive with other businesses.

Save Money – Planning where you want your greenery and trees to go, could save you money later on. Having a commercial landscape service advise you in planting trees and shrubs, in the critical spots, can save you money on your air conditioning and heating bill. A good landscaping company can assist you with how to design for maximum shade during the warmest part of the year while keeping the building comfortable in cooler temperatures.
Safety – Unkempt property and lawns can contribute to someone suffering an injury from tripping on unleveled pavement or stumbling over debris in the form of fallen branches and leaf pile-ups lying on grass. Overgrown trees and bushes can cause damage to the roof and exterior of a business. Having ongoing commercial lawn service and landscaping can prevent an unnecessary lawsuit and keep customers, residents and employees safe.

Lower Crime – Unkept properties, tend to attract criminal activity. Untrimmed bushes and trees, coupled with tall grass, make it seems as though the place is abandoned. This can appeal to criminals as they use the area to hide their activities from law enforcement.

As you can see, the importance of commercial landscape and lawn maintenance services can spare you from having to deal with a many problems. We provide services for places like:

• Commercial Office Buildings
• Multi-family Communities
• Homeowners Associations
• Retail Centers
• Churches/Schools
• Retirement Centers
• And much more!

Contact Landscape Professionals of Texas for all of your commercial lawn maintenance services in the Dallas area at: 214.361.7992.