how to prepare for spring planting

You need to start planning in colder months to make sure that your spring planting results in a big splash. Most commercial lawn services start making preparations for planting flowers in spring during January. Your property can have tremendous value in the spring with the right kind of flowers and landscape. However, you need to find a commercial lawn service that is up to the job.

Flowers have an eye catching seasonal color that appeals to everyone. It also helps in letting potential clients or tenants know that you care as the property owner. These are a few things you need to take care of to ensure that your property gets a good flowering season this spring.

Get the Soil in Shape

Maintaining soil conditions is a year-round thing. You need to make sure the soil is power packed with nutrients. You need to invest in fall fertilization. This may involve a considerable amount of time and money. However, the results will astonish you. Winter damage can wreak havoc on your turf. Fall fertilization helps in strengthening your plants for a strong comeback during spring.

You should also make sure that the flowerbeds don’t have any debris on them. This is an important job for your landscaper. Flower beds need to be aerated and fertilized if you want blooms to appear in the next season.

Functional Irrigation System

It is important to make sure that your irrigation system works the year round. However, it is even more important during the spring season. It is best to have contractors take a look at the irrigation system during colder months if you haven’t had it maintained in a long time. Winters are usually relaxed for irrigation system contractors. You may also receive a decent discount if you are lucky.

Additionally, irrigation systems that are in working order will need to be winterized. This allows them to remain in working order come spring. Winterization can also help in reducing your water bill. If you want, you can consider upgrading the system with soil sensors and atmospheric sensors to prevent overwatering.

Purchase Bulbs in Time

Almost every office building, multi-family community, school, church, retirement centers, retail centers, and homeowner’s association clamors to purchase the best spring flowers. You want to make sure your landscape contractor gets suitable bulbs and flowers in time. In fact, many commercial landscapers get their own bulb beds ready during the winters.

This is so their clients can enjoy a vibrant and multi-colored flower fiesta in spring. It’s vital that you work with a contractor that has the right system in place to get flowers reserved. You should discuss with your contractor about your needs and requirements.