commercial landscape, improve your commercial landscapeOutdated commercial landscapes can be real drawback for any property. There is nothing worse than a Dallas commercial landscaping company to maintain your landscape without improving it. Most landscaping companies offer only basic cleanup and maintenance as part of their package. But, not Landscape Professionals of Texas! We can do everything necessary to improve your commercial landscape and make it look spectacular again.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We Always Start With a Plan

We invest the time to understand how we can maximize the effect of your project and create a solid plan for your new commercial landscape. We take advantage of your property’s existing architecture and use innovative ideas to create a unique landscape.

  1. We Employ Clever Planting Options

Flowers, vegetation, trees and other foliage decorating a commercial landscape play a major role in any community’s curb appeal. We usually start with seasonal and perennials to maximize the entrances and grounds. We understand the Texas sun can be harsh on delicate options. So, we prefer taking advantage of native seasonal colors. We believe in using plants as a focal point to draw visitor’s eyes to specific attractions. It helps in creating quite the impression.

  1. Enhancing Entrances

We believe that plants can help make entrances more welcoming. There is nothing better for a resident or a visitor to feel welcome when entering a multi-family community than beautiful plants. We choose foliage keeping color and upkeep in mind. At the same time, we try to draw visitor’s eyes towards the entrance of the property and invite them to step inside. For instance, bulbs that sit low on the ground and brightly colored flowers are a poignant choice.

  1. We Plan for the Entire Year

We understand that maintaining a beautiful commercial landscape can be quite the undertaking and expensive too. This is why we try keeping overhead as low as possible. We believe in creating landscapes that mature with the years. Property owners don’t have to worry about poorly planned projects that require revisions within a few years with Landscape Professionals of Texas.

We understand allotted spaces very well and use plants that are not likely to outgrow their spaces. These can make a building’s access points inaccessible and may compromise safety. Mature plants can also make the grounds more expensive and difficult to maintain.

  1. We Never Go Overboard with Creativity

While creativity is always appreciated, it can be easy to go overboard where landscapes are concerned. We plan landscapes according to the nature of the property. We like to keep things inviting yet professional at the same time.

We are among the few landscape contractors in Texas with a vision to capture any visual theme in a landscape. We keep future growth and present care in mind while designing landscapes that are durable and sustainable.