commercial landscaping trends

There are several commercial landscaping trends to watch out for in 2021 in the DFW area to stay on top. However, when it comes to commercial landscaping Dallas, you want a company that doesn’t just follow landscaping trends, but anticipates them. You can have your property turn heads in 2021 if you start right away. Landscapes need dedicated planning to provide optimal results. And, it is always advised to start early to see results come spring.

We pride ourselves on recognizing what’s in so that you get to enjoy an appealing and eye-catching environmentally friendly landscape throughout the year. Read on to find out which trends are set to make heads turn in 2021.

Plants Need To Be Functional

There was a great demand for beautiful plants in the early months of 2020. However, with the coronavirus scare gripping the nation, there is going to be a high demand for functional and useful plants. Now, we are not saying that you need to turn your beautiful rolling lawns into an herb garden. But, we have observed an increase in customers looking for immunity boosting plants that repel insects and mosquitoes.

We can go one step further and help you choose plants that are functional, beautiful and useful. For instance, there are several flowering shrubs that can be used to direct traffic flow on your property and keep disease carrying pests away. Some of these shrubs are perennial which means you get a nice walkway in winters as well.


Xeriscaping as a trend made heads turn in 2020. It was especially true for multi-community property owners in DFW area where water is an expensive commodity. Xeriscaping involves using naturally occurring or native plants to create a beautiful and rich-looking landscape that lasts throughout the year.

Some of our clients elected to redo their entire lawns in favor of softscapes by using these plants. You can easily save on natural resources, water, and maintenance. Xeriscaping as a trend is expected to continue through 2021 because of the obvious cost benefits. We have decades of experience working with regional plants and can recommend the best landscaping options.

Low-key Commercial Landscaping

2021 is going to be the year where less is more. You don’t need expensive rotundas and complicated gazebos to make your landscape stand out. You could make heads turn with a beautiful, elegant, yet simple landscape that is both welcoming and attractive. We have drawn up several landscaping plans for our customers that are both low-maintenance and low on budget.

Our decades of experience and dedicated planning allow us to develop landscapes that are simple and easy to maintain. You don’t need to break the bank anymore just to have a beautiful lawn. 2021 will see many commercial landscaping services switching to unique landscaping tips and techniques.