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Vacant fields or lots tend to be a significant liability for property owners. It can be a costly affair if you get slapped with an injury lawsuit, municipal violations, or grass fires. We routinely get asked about field mowing in the DFW area. There are several potential problems associated with vacant fields, such as mosquito habitats, rodent infestation, snake lairs, and fires. People try keeping their vacant lots in good shape with the help of grass and automatic sprinkler systems. However, this results in the added expense of sprinkler repair in Dallas.

While having a sprinkler system keeping the ground wet and the lawn green is an astute idea, we recommend our clients to hire a commercial contractor to ensure the field doesn’t get overgrown quickly.

These are a few risks of not employing a commercial contractor:

  • Vacant lots tend to become overgrown very quickly without regular mowing
  • Overgrown lots can make an area look less posh, unsightly, or blighted
  • Overgrown fields tend to act as a hazard
  • Snakes, vermin, and rats get attracted to overgrown fields

Reduce Your Risk with Timely Mowing

Owners of vacant fields or lots have a significant liability on their shoulders. They need to be careful of grass fires, injury lawsuits, and other municipal violations. They can also face other similar issues. This can be in the form of mosquito habitats, rodent infestation, and snakes. Tall grasses in vacant lots can also attract illegal dumping and criminals. It is recommended that you have someone take care of your mowing as soon as possible.

Benefits of Field Mowing

These are a few benefits of having a contractor mow an empty field or a vacant lot before the grass gets very tall:

  • Reduce fire hazard
  • Comply with local regulations
  • Reduce weeds
  • Make the property more sellable
  • Prepare the property for building or planting
  • Reduce possibilities of illegal dumping
  • Maintain relationship with neighboring property owners
  • Reduce infestations

Choosing a Contractor for Field Mowing

You should always make sure the mowing service is certified, licensed, and bonded. They should have trained equipment and operators to handle the entire operation in a smooth, seamless, and cost effective fashion. You should have someone mow the grass on a regular basis depending on your needs. It’s vital to work with a contractor that has the right mowing service equipment to tackle large jobs.

They should also be upfront about the costing and time taken. Never work with a mowing contractor that offers a quote without taking a look at the field or vacant lot. They are more likely to do a poor job or increase the amount later. Every field has its own challenges in terms of vegetation height and equipment required.