lot mowing

Mowing your lawn is an essential job come spring or summer, whether you love it or loathe it. Cutting grass is no easy task in the growing season along with all of your other landscaping needs. We are often asked about our secret to maintaining the perfect lots and lawns for our clients. This post shares a few of those tricks and tips on how you can attain a beautiful looking lawn.

Reduce Grass Height by a Third

You should always aim for reducing the lawn height by a third every time you mow. Any less would not help the grass. Any more and you would decrease the vigor and health of the grass.

Cut Every Two Weeks Until Growing Season

Most people think that spring is when the grass starts growing. It’s not until late spring or early summer when your dormant grass will start pushing out new shoots. Make sure you don’t cut more than every two weeks during spring.

During the growing seasons, you may need to mow the lawn every week. If you wait any longer, you would not be able to follow the “one third” rule and your lawn will end up looking untidy and unkempt. Some grass varieties require mowing twice a week during peak growing season.

Employ a Variable Grass Height Approach

Most commercial lawns grass is great when kept between 2.5cm-4cm tall. Patches that are heavily used or experience more wear can be kept longer at 4cm-5cm. You can leave the grass a little longer in the shade to grow to about 7cm-8cm.

Always Adjust the Grass Cutting Height

You should always adjust the grass’ cutting height depending on the season and weather. It’s ideal to raise the height of the grass at the end or start of the growing season. Make sure you let the blade grow longer if the weather is hot and dry. Longer blades hold extra moisture, which help to in keep the grass green.

Always Mow During Dry Days

Your mower will smear the soil and cause ruts if the conditions are wet. Sodden ground is also harder to mow on. Additionally, wet grass clippings will smother the lawn and clump together, which you don’t want to happen. It is better that you allow the conditions to become dry again before attempting mowing.