commercial landscape design in Dallas

Wondering how to create one of the best commercial landscape designs in Dallas without spending a fortune? These tips can help you transform any landscape with minimum effort.

Many property owners often underestimate how valuable is commercial landscaping Dallas for their clients. Instead of under-appreciating the potential

And if money is an issue, remember, you don’t even have to be a creative genius to design a stunning commercial landscape on a modest budget. Let’s take a look at some features that can help your property stand out.

Match the building’s style to the landscape theme

Make sure you connect the theme of your property’s architecture to your commercial landscaping to create a clean, beautiful look. Just keep in mind that the landscaper’s vision should never be in conflict with the property’s design.

Design a pleasing and welcoming entrance

If you observe any well-designed commercial landscaping project, you’ll notice that its primary entrance is very warm and somewhat-natural. The key to designing a successful commercial entrance lies in using vibrant colors in the form of seasonal plants, unique grass accents, and flower beds.

Choose a xeriscaping landscape

A xeriscaping style is a modern landscaping feature which needs little to no irrigation and maintenance in arid (dry) areas. Since the summers in Dallas are usually arid, this can be a valuable feature in commercial landscape design in Dallas. It can reduce the need for watering, save energy, and significantly cut down the need for maintenance.

Use a focal point

First impressions matter everywhere – even in landscaping. Make sure your landscape draws the attention of visitors by using a focal point. You can use a number of things to create this focal point; it could be a modern art piece, a painting, or colorful flowers, for example. You can also use these focal points to enhance your business by incorporating your business colors or logo.

Keep the lighting artsy but practical

Use the outdoor lighting to enhance your commercial landscape design and to provide a safety solution for your employees and/or customers. You can rim your walkways with power-saving lights that effectively directs people to-and-from your property’s entrance. Make sure this lighting doesn’t cause the eyes to glare.

A great commercial landscape designer knows how to make the most of every element – like lighting, stones, and trees – to create a modern masterpiece, regardless of your budget. If you’re looking for an expert commercial landscaping design company in Dallas, give us a call. At Landscape Professionals of Texas, we have been creating captivating landscape designs for commercial property owners for over 40 years. If you have any questions about landscape design for your business, feel free to get in touch with us.