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The best way for any business – multifamily community, hotels, restaurants, bakeries, and stores among others to attract customers is by maintaining a beautiful front. If you have the space for a lawn, you want to make sure that it has lush green grass. The DFW area has a soil pH between 5.5 and 6.5, which means it will tolerate a wide range of grass types.

But, the Dallas area also has extensive periods of heat/drought when you need to manually irrigate your grass. You should call in someone for sprinkler repair in Frisco if your system is out of function. These are 5 types of grass that are best suited for the areas conditions.

  1. St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine grass is quite popular with multifamily communities. While it is not native to Texas, it tends to thrive very well here. Also, this is easily the most affordable type of grass with several builders using it on their properties. The grass has unique, thick, green blades that are charming and look fantastic.

The only drawback to this type of grass is that it requires at least double the water as compared to other grass types. This can be a big problem if you have water restrictions imposed in your area.

  1. Common Bermuda Grass

Common Bermuda grass originated in Africa and is very popular in the entire United States. This is the least expensive grass type in the Bermuda variety and is drought-resistant. It can be great on your property even if there is little shade. The grass tends to grow dense and is easily established. It needs lawn care maintenance and should be mowed to a height of 2 inches.

  1. Celebration Bermuda Grass

This is another popular variety of Bermuda grass that originated in Africa. It is used on commercial properties and athletic fields. However, this grass doesn’t do well in high traffic areas owing to its soft nature. The grass is drought tolerant and is perfect for lawns with partial shade.

  1. Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass is originally from Asia. It is tricky but once established can be quite beautiful. The grass requires commercial lawn maintenance providers. Zoysia offers a neat look to lawns and is highly resistant to grass disease. However, it needs to be mowed extremely low at just 1 inch.

  1. Buffalo Grass

Buffalo grass is native to Texas, which means it does great in heat with a little irrigation. You won’t need to worry about this grass turning brown in the hot Texan summer. Buffalo grass has a beautiful wispy appearance and works great in direct sunlight. However, you cannot plant this if your lawns are frequently trampled upon. Buffalo grass is not a high-traffic grass.